Bikini Demo

Rocket launch

by ArianespaceEurope

Launch time9 Jul 202418:00 UTC


Orbit: LEO

Serial number: VA262FM1

Maiden flight of Ariane 6. Nine satellites, two reentry capsules and five on-board experiments are baselined on this launch. The ELaNa-48 mission, consisting of the two CURIE cubesats, will be launched on this flight. The two CURIE cubesats will be launched as a single spacecraft and will separate in orbit.

Rocket Ariane62

launched from Guiana Space Centre, ELA-4French Guiana


Bikini DemoReentry capsule / Technology demonstration--
CURIE A, BTechnology demonstration--
CuriumOne (Major Tom)Technology demonstration--
Exo Pod NovaCubesat deployer--
GRBBetaGamma-ray burst astronomy--
ISTSat-1ADS-B Technology demonstration--
Méditerranée (ROBUSTA 3A)Meteorology--
OOV-CubeTechnology demonstration / IoT--
RAMICubesat deployer--
REPLICATORTechnology demonstration Space manufacturing--
SpaceCase SC-X01Reentry capsule / Technology demonstration--
³Cat4GNSS radio occultation--